NFL Week One Preview | What to watch for in the NFL in Week One

NFL Week One Preview | What to watch for in the NFL in Week One

NFL week one preview.  Ahhh, the NFL is back folks!  Time to get fat(ter) on wings and adult sodas and try to explain to the wife why the yard isn’t getting mowed, dishes aren’t getting done and why the kid’s diaper hasn’t been changed in the past eight hours.  Relax honey, it will get done…but in the meantime can I get a refill?

Read on to see what I think will happen week one (as if you care right)?

What to watch for in the NFL in week one

New York Jets vs Buffalo Bills

The New York Jets are going to be bad this season.  I think we all understand that, and the Bills…well they should be bad as well, but probably not as bad as the really bad New York Jets.  Unless you have something invested in this game, not really much to see here.

Jacksonville Jaguars vs Houston Texans

The Houston Texans should once again be atop their division, especially with a defense that has JJ Watt returning.  The only question here is the QB play.  I expect to see Watson at some point this season, but for now it is the Tom Savage show in Houston.  Jacksonville will also be among one of the worst teams in the league.  The Jags have a ton of talent on paper, but I have not seen the Jags translate that to on the field wins, with the QB position being a huge reason for that.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cleveland Browns

The Pittsburgh Steelers will be in the hunt for the AFC Championship once again, and the Cleveland Browns aren’t.  I don’t see the Browns getting a win here, but for you NFL investors out there, getting double digits with a Cleveland team looking to show they are improved might not be a bad way to go.

Arizona Cardinals vs Detroit Lions

I like the Arizona Cardinals a lot this year, just so long as they stay healthy.  The Cards are at least healthy right now, and they face a Lions team that had no business being in the playoffs last season.  Look for the Lions to keep this close for awhile, but the Cards are too talented on both sides of the ball and should pull away late, winning pretty easily in Detroit.

Atlanta Falcons vs Chicago Bears

The Atlanta Falcons are coming off an epic Super Bowl defeat at the hands of themselves…and a little bit the Pats.  The Falcons will be looking to show the NFL they are once again among the elite, but the Falcons lost talent and coaching and the Bears host the Falcons with a solid defense and an offense that…is well, bad but they have a good defense.  Falcons win but the Bears keep it closer than most might think.

Oakland Raiders vs Tennessee Titans

The Oakland Raiders are among one of the trendy picks to make it to the AFC Championship this season.  Offensively the Raiders are loaded, but with the exception of Mack on defense, the Raiders are far from great.  The Titans have a ton of weapons and are a well coached team that should get a win here on Sunday against the popular Raiders.

Baltimore Ravens vs Cincinnati Bengals

Am I wrong, or does it seem like the Ravens and the Bengals play each other about 17 times per season?  The Bengals should be better than a year ago, but so should the Ravens.  Baltimore is once again fielding a solid defense, and the offense should be better, just so long as they stay healthy.  Tough game to call here, but I’ll take Cincy at home.

Philadelphia Eagles vs Washington Redskins

Many are thinking the Eagles are going to be much improved this season.  While I do think Philly will be better, I need to see it before I believe it.  Fortunately for them they are playing a Redskins team that I look to take a step back.  This should be a good game to watch, but I like the Eagles to pull it out on the road.

Indianapolis Colts vs Los Angeles Rams

The Rams have a solid defense, even without Aaron Donald.  The Colts have Scott Tolzien under center.  Rams win.

Carolina Panthers vs San Francisco 49ers

The Carolina Panthers look to return to form from a couple of years ago when they went 15-1 and lost in the Super Bowl.  The Panthers should be better than last season, but I sure don’t see that kind of dominance this season.  The Niners  should also be improved, and SF is tough in season openers for some reason, but look for the Panthers to win a close one late.

Seattle Seahawks vs Green Bay Packers

It’s really, really hard for me not to pick a Seattle loss every single game.  I may not have to go out on a limb here, in what is considered the marquee game of the NFL weekend.  Picking a winner here is nearly impossible, so if I were betting this one, I’d take the points with the Hawks, but Rodgers is tough at home (everywhere else too) so I’ll take the Pack here against the Hawks in Green Bay.

New York Giants vs Dallas Cowboys

There are a lot of people on the Giants bandwagon this season, but I just need to see it first.  The Giants head into Dallas with a banged up WR corps and a running game that has yet to be proven.  The Cowboys now have Zeke for the season (because they are Dallas and get whatever they want) so look for a focused and motivated Dallas team to take care of business here against the Giants.

New Orleans Saints vs Minnesota Vikings

I am a big seller on the Saints this season, and I’m a big buyer on the Vikings.  Minnesota started the season off red hot last season, and then fell apart later.  The Vikings may have been playing a bit above their ability last season, but the Vikes have a great defense and weapons on offense.  Look for the Vikings to take care of business here against the Saints at home.

Los Angeles Chargers vs Denver Broncos

The Chargers are predicted by a lot of folks out there to have a much better season.  I think they will as well, but Denver is a tough place to play and the Broncos still have a tremendous defense.  I think the Broncos, even with Trevor under center get the win here against the Chargers, who should keep it close until late.

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