NFL Week 3 Power Ratings

NFL Week 3 Power Ratings

NFL week 3 power ratings.  NFL Power Ratings for week three of the NFL season.  With week 2 now concluding, I have decided to release my current NFL power ratings.  I plan on releasing these each week on the Tuesday following the Monday night game, so be sure to check back each week for updated rankings.

To set your line on the game, subtract the two scores for each team, and then add approx. 2.7 for the home field advantage for the home team.  Keep in mind however, that these ratings are just a starting point for your line, be sure to include weather, positional matchups etc. but these will give you a good starting point to judge your line against what the current number is at your favorite sportsbook.


  1. New England Patriots 7.7
  2. Pittsburgh Steelers 5.9
  3. Kansas City Chiefs 4.8
  4. Oakland Raiders 4.4
  5. Atlanta Falcons 4.0
  6. Green Bay Packers 3.5
  7. Denver Broncos 3.2
  8. Minnesota Vikings 3.1
  9. Seattle Seahawks 2.9
  10. Dallas Cowboys 2.4
  11. Carolina Panthers 1.9
  12. Tennessee Titans 1.9
  13. Philadelphia Eagles 1.1
  14. Tampa Bay Bucs 1.1
  15. Baltimore Ravens 0.7
  16. Detroit Lions 0.7
  17.  Arizona Cardinals 0.4
  18. LA Chargers 0.1
  19.  NY Giants -1.2
  20. Houston Texans -1.3
  21. Cincinnati Bengals -1.6
  22. Jacksonville Jaguars -1.8
  23. Miami Dolphins -1.8
  24. Washington Redskins -1.9
  25. LA Rams -2.0
  26. New Orleans Saints -2.6
  27. Buffalo Bills -2.9
  28. Indianapolis Colts -4.8
  29. Cleveland Browns -5.7
  30. Chicago Bears -6.1
  31. San Francisco 49ers -6.8
  32. NY Jets-9.1

A lot of people out there were down on the Patriots after falling to the Chiefs in week one, but I kept them near the top of my rankings, and it showed in week 2 after the Pats took care of business against the Saints on the road.  Of course, not that anyone cares, but my 49ers are one of the worst teams in the NFL right now, as the Niners have yet to find the end zone this season.

Perhaps one of the biggest surprises on the show (not by me) was the fact that Jon picked the Giants to go to the Super Bowl this season, and well…they are really bad right now.  The line can’t protect Eli, and the defense, while solid, can’t hold forever.  RIP Giants Super Bowl pick…sorry Jon.

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