Where Will LeBron James Play Next?

LeBron James | Where Will LeBron Play Next?

Where will Lebron play next?

Welp, the Golden State Warriors have once again won the NBA Championship.  I remember just a few years ago when I’d listen to ESPN Up All Night with Jason Smith, the show adopted the Warriors as their official team, due in large part to the eternal suckage (I just right clicked and added suckage to the dictionary…more suckage on the way). the Warriors brought to the NBA.  Now, the Warriors are, dare I say it…a dynasty?  Thanks in large part to…dare I say it, the greatest NBA player/coach/personality ever in Steve Kerr?

But this post isn’t about the Warriors and their dominance of the Association, this is about Mr. James, and Mr. James’ future.  What team will he play for next, and exactly how long will it take for that jersey to be the top selling jersey across all sports.

LeBron James is a Los Angeles Laker!

Where will LeBron James Play Next


Right now Vegas odds have King James as about -150 favorite to join the Lakers.  Seeing LeBron in a Laker jersey would defintely be a change, and with LeBron in LA, and Golden State still doing their thing, the East might as well separate themselves from the rest of the league and start their own league on the side.  That could be fun.

With the loss, James’ record in the Finals is now 3-6. You certainly can’t fault him for the Warriors sweeping the Cavs, however, as James single-handedly carried his team to the championship round in what was one of the most impressive postseasons of his illustrious career. A lack of secondary scoring by his teammates, poor defense and an all-time mental blunder at the end of Game 1 by J.R. Smith didn’t help matters. Simply put, James did everything he could to beat the Warriors and it still wasn’t nearly good enough.

Where will LeBron Go Next?

My guess is LeBron will be wearing Laker colors next season, but that is by no means set in stone.  The Ringer’s Kevin O’Connor has stated that LeBron is only really willing to listen to pitches from a handful of teams.  Listed below are some of those teams, and what the current odds are that LeBron is reppin’ their colors next season.

  • Lakers -150
  • Sixers +450
  • Cavs +500
  • Celtics +700
  • Houston +800
  • Spurs +1600
  • Clippers +2500
  • Heat +3300
  • Warriors (not fair) +5000

Betting odds of course subject to change because…that’s what they do.

LeBron going to to the Warriors just wouldn’t be fair.  The Heat would be kind of funny as LeBron would essentially just be bouncing back and forth between Miami and Cleveland…and for someone with his stature – I could think of two better cities to be bouncing back and forth from.

Let me know what you think, and if any of the betting odds above, look enticing to you.  Obviously the Lakers are the chalk pick here, and it is looking less and less likely that King James will end up in Houston.  The Boston market could be interesting for James…

Let me know where you think LeBron will play next, and why I’m wrong below…

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