Jay Cutler is back in the NFL | Signs with Miami Dolphins

Jay Cutler is back in the NFL!!!

Jay Cutler signs with Miami Dolphins

Ohhhh yeah he is!  There is little doubt that the NFL is a better place when Jay Cutler is in it, and I for one, can’t wait to see him in those beautiful Miami Dolphin uniforms.

Football Impact:

For the Miami Dolphins, this move does make some sense.  Jay Cutler was at his best when he played under Adam Gase in Chicago, and now bringing the Jay back to the NFL, now makes sense as Jay’s learning curve will be a lot less steep, than say Colin Kaepernick’s would be.  I’m going to try and stay away from all of the Cutler memes around the NFL and just #sticktofootball here.  Cutler still has some ability left, and there is talent around him in this offense, making the Dolphins a solid offense.  Jarvis Landry is the top wide-out for the Dolphins, and Landry makes his living either at, or around the line of scrimmage, and when Jay was with Gase in Chicago, Cutler favored the short quick throw to the outside, keeping turnovers down and getting the ball in the hands of his play makers.  Look for more of the same with Jay in Miami with Gase once again calling the shots.

Fantasy Impact:

Honestly, I don’t see this move having a ton of impact for the Dolphins and their skill players’ fantasy value.  Landry is still going to get the ball, and honestly there isn’t a ton of difference, at least talent wise, from Cutler to Tannehill.  Landry is still very much own-able, and the running game should still be solid as Cutler still has a cannon and teams will be forced to keep their safety’s back a bit to honor the deep threat.  Jay Ajayi is still one of the top backs to own in the league, however I don’t think we will necessarily see a repeat of his numbers from last season, as Ajayi ripped off a stretch of games there where he put up ridiculaous fantasy numbers, something that isn’t that repeatable.

While I don’t see this move having a ton of fantasy relevance, I do think this makes the Dolphins a lot more interesting to watch, as Jay is always good for some memes throughout the season, and get ready for headlines regarding Cutler’s body language on the sidelines and in the huddle, and how he has lost the team.

Ok, just one Cutler pic…this is the only one though I promise.

Jay Cutler to Miami

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