Illegal Hands to the Face Podcast | Episode 1 (Introduction)

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Introduction to the Illegal Hands to the Face Podcast

Hello and welcome.  Posted below will be a brief recap of this week’s episode, but if you’d like to go straight for the nuts, you can download the episode in all of its glory by using the following link, or just play the episode using the player below…IHTTF_Episode1

IHTTF Episode 1 Recap

In this episode, Jon talks about his favorite teams, Steve mentions MILFS and they both agree that there are too many dead flies to be found…

Please excuse the cringiness and awkwardness of the whole thing, this was the first time Jon and I have ever recorded anything, and it definitely shows…especially early on when the iPhone we are recording on (did I mention we are professionals) fell on the floor and I dropped a pretty hard S bomb…earmuffs.

Jon and I briefly discussed our favorite College and Professional teams, and in doing so it’s pretty clear that I am the classier of the two hosts.  I am a fan of the San Francisco 49ers and the Chicago Cubs for professional teams, while in College ball I root for the Hawkeyes and the OU Sooners.

Jon is a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Reds, and in College he likes the Hawkeyes, who, overall are his main team to follow.

We also briefly discussed MILFS and how the podcast will be hosted from my daughter’s playhouse…which really deserves its entire post, and will be coming sometime in the near future (when I actually decide to go outside and take some pictures).

Thank you all for the listen and if you have any requests for content, please let us know, and we’ll see what we can do.


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