Ezekiel Elliott’s Fantasy Value

Ezekiel Elliott’s Fantasy Value

Ezekiel Elliott's Fantasy Value

With the NFL coming down hard on Zeke Elliott and the Dallas Cowboys, it instantly made a lot of fantasy freaks wonder…how does this effect Ezekiel Elliott’s fantasy value moving forward?  I was actually going to wait on writing this, waiting to see if the coming appeal by Zeke meant that his suspension is lessened.  Honestly, for me, since I don’t have him in any fantasy, and the Cowboys play my Niners in what would be his last game of the 6 game suspension…I kind of hope it doesn’t, and by kind of I mean I really hope it doesn’t and will by Goodell flowers and chocolates if he keeps it at 6.  Sorry Cowboys Fam.

Previous to the suspension, Zeke Elliott was a topfive pick all day long, and some were even arguing that he should go number one with the Cardinals offensive line in the air, and the fact that LeVeon Bell hasn’t even participated in camp yet.  Now that the suspension has been handed down, it looks like Zeke could miss the first seven weeks of the regular season (Dallas has a bye within the first 6 games).  That would mean that the talented Cowboy wouldn’t be available for your fantasy squad until week 8.

Now, there is a bright side to this.  If you are able to get Zeke late in the second round (where he is currently going in 10 team ESPN mocks), then when he returns you can pair him with your first round pick, and essentially you’ll have two first round studs on your team, one with fresh legs and with something to prove – hi Tom Brady fantasy owners from last season…

The issue with that, is you need to have the rest of your team be solid enough to get you into position for the playoffs so you can maximize his value, otherwise even though you are getting Zeke at peak Zeke, it may not do you a whole lot of good if you are sitting with  just one or two wins at that point.  Of course, you can always jump ahead and draft McFadden early, ensuring that you are still getting a solid part of that Dallas running game, but with Run DmC going currently in the eight round, that is a gamble, and if you jump up and get DmC in say, the fourth round, you are playing a dangerous game with DmC’s injury history, and missing out on a fourth round pick, which should be a solid consistent starter at that position.

In summary…who really knows what will happen.  This is fantasy football, it’s a game so draft DmC and Zeke in the first and second round if you want…it may even work out for you, although probably not.  Maybe though.

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