College Football Picks | Bonus Picks Not on Show

College Football Picks | Bonus Picks Not on Show

Time for bonus college football picks!  As you all know by now, Jon and I release our picks every week on our show (Listen to our latest podcast episode here).  This week however, there are a few more games in College football that I am liking, and I figured I’d throw them out there really quick.  Take note however, that these picks are not on our official pick list, so these won’t count against…I mean for my record on the show.

Ok lets get started…

Baylor Bears at Duke Blue Devils  (Baylor +14.5)

The Baylor Bears are one of the biggest disappointments this college football season (at least for this Big 12 fan), but I don’t think the Bears are quite as bad as they have played thus far.  Getting more than two scores with the Bears looks to be the right side here, and while you do have to kind of hold your nose a bit when making this selection at the window, the Bears look like the play here.

Troy Vs. New Mexico State (Aggies +7)

New Mexico State has been playing much better ball this season, and they can be a trick out at home.  The Aggies should be able to provide enough offense against the Trojans to keep this thing close, and with the game on the Aggies home turf, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Aggies came away with an outright win here against the Trojans.

Like I said, I just had a couple of other games I liked this weekend, and I do have tickets out on both of these games currently, so I figured I’d make a quick post here letting you all in on the action…just take a look at my college record this season so far and be careful…


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