Just How Bad Are the Kansas City Chiefs?

How Bad Are the Kansas City Chiefs?

The Kansas City Chiefs are so bad…(how bad are they) they lost to the New York Giants, which is currently the only team in the NFL to fall to the San Francisco 49ers this season.  

Alright, now that i have that out of the way, I guess I should come clean and state that the Chiefs aren’t really bad, they just aren’t playing that great of football right now and it’s not exactly easy to see why.  

The Andy Reid Effect

The Chiefs started off the season on fire, owning the best record in the NFL through the first five weeks of the season, and Alex Smith was getting graded by PFF as one of the, and often times the best quarterback in the league, week in and week out.  

The Chiefs have definitely had their fair share of injuries this season, and losing Berry on defense takes a toll on the entire team as Berry is the emotional leader of the squad.  Still, every team has injuries (just ask the Giants who beat them on Sunday).  Kansas City’s offense is looking like a shell of itself from earlier in the season when the Chiefs were getting extremely creative with their play calls.  Lately, the Chiefs seem to be falling back into the pattern of playing things safe, not pushing the ball downfield, and just trying not to make the big mistake.  If KC is going to rebound this week against Buffalo (a good team to right the ship against) then the Chiefs need to get back to their early season form, and as crazy as it sounds to say this, let Alex Smith sling the ball all over the park.   

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