About Us


Hi! I’m YOUR NAME. Thanks for stopping by.


According to the default directions above, I am now supposed to tell you my name.

My name is Steve Smith @SCP_Steve (I’m the selfie stick holding one on the right)

My partner’s name is Jon (don’t call me Jo-Jo) McGrath @JMcGrath316 (The 316 is for Stone Cold…how unoriginal).


Now for the INSERT BIO HERE section…

This is the only spot on the internet that will talk about all kinds of sports, and give our opinions on stuff too.  I mean, there are others out there, probably, and probably others out there that do it better, but we are here too.

We have a podcast (Illegal Hands to the Face) that Jon and I record out of my daughter’s tree-house.  I’m sure it looks odd that two grown men are heading up into a tree-house, but maybe that is our claim to fame, the only sports blog/podcast on the internet hosted out of a tree-house.  WE FOUND OUR NICHE!!!

Thanks for reading our About Us page, I think we have covered the directions given to us by the WordPress Gods pretty well, but if you have any other questions for us, shout us a holla on the contact page, or tweet at us.