2017 Oklahoma Sooners Preview | NCAA Football Preview

Oklahoma Sooners 2017 College Football Preview

Oklahoma Sooners 2017 College Football Preview | NCAA College Football Preview

Oklahoma Sooners 2017 Preview

2017 Oklahoma Sooners Preview.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I love the Sooners.  This all started back when I was a wee lad in the 1900’s…1980’s to be exact.  The Sooners had one of the greatest players to ever step foot on a football field, Brian Bosworth.  The “Boz” as he was called had the greatest hair cut in all of College Football, and the attitude to match.  This is the sole reason I became such a big Sooner fan…little did I know what was waiting for me around the corner in the 90’s, when the Oklahoma Sooners would fall to the bottom of all of the College Football ranks and it appeared that the Sooners were destined for mediocrity from then on.

But then came Stoops.  Stoops came along and in his second season as the Sooners head coach, or as a head coach anywhere, transformed this rag tag team into National Champions.  This would be the sole National Championship won by “big game” Bob, but the Sooners once again became a National powerhouse, and even after he has moved on, the Sooners are still being talked about in the AP Top 25 poll as National title contenders.

But, Stoops is now gone from the sidelines, and it will be up to Lincoln Riley to take over the reigns at the head of the Sooner Schooner, and Riley has some talent to work with this season for sure.

2017 Oklahoma Sooners Preview:  Offense

College Football, or the NFL, you need a quarterback if you are going to win.  The Sooners have worked hard at recruiting the top signal callers in the Nation, but their current QB comes as a transfer from Texas Tech.  Baker Mayfield will once again be “under center” for the Sooners this season, and Mayfield brings along with him that great play-making ability that can make him both fun…and stressful to watch.  There is talent behind Baker, but it is largely inexperienced, so it will be crucial for Mayfield to stay healthy and on the field for the Sooners this season.  The backfield for the Sooners was loaded last year with Perine and Mixon, but now both ball carriers are gone to the NFL, and it will be up to Rodney Anderson and Abdul Adams to step up and take the place of these two studs. The wide receiving corps for the Sooners took a hist last season as well, and now Mark Andrews, Jeffery Mead and Jeff Badet will all be given a larger workload, and while these guys have tons of talent, losing someone like Dede to the NFL was tough, and these players are going to need to pick up their game big time if the Sooners are going to try and replicate their offense from 2016.  The Sooners offensive line should be solid once again, and the offense Riley likes to run helps the offensive line quite a bit, with quick passes and spreading the field, opening up the box and making it easier for the line to genereate larger running lanes for the backs.

2017 Oklahoma Sooners Preview:  Defense

Ogbonnia Okoronkwo is back once again for the Sooners, and while you may have trouble (I do) pronouncing his name, you might want to practice up because I’m sure he will be playing in the NFL soon enough.  Emmanuel Beal finished second on the team with 81 tackles and gives the Sooners one of the better linebacker pairs in the country.  The one player I am extremely excited to watch is Caleb Kelly, who was one of the top rated recruits at his position, and he came on strong last season, given another off season to prepare, he should be one of the top contributors on what should be an improved Sooners defense in 2017.

Oklahoma Sooners 2017 Outlook:

When it comes to previewing the Sooners in 2017, it all depends on Lincoln Riley.  It will definitely be interesting to see Lincoln Riley on the sidelines this season instead of Stoops and his visor.  I think Riley is an excellent coordinator, and should be a fine coach as well, but calling an offense, and managing a game are two completely different things and it will be interesting to see how he fairs in this regard.  I can see the Sooners finishing the 2017 season in the AP Top 10, but a playoff berth might be a bit of a stretch, considering how improved the Big 12 should be in 2017.

Oklahoma Sooners 2017 College Football Schedule:

    • Sept. 2 – OU vs. UTEP
    • Sept. 9- OU @Ohio State
    • Sept. 16 – OU vs. Tulane
    • Sept. 23 – OU @ Baylor
    • Oct. 7- OU vs. Iowa State
    • Oct. 14- OU vs. Texas
    • Oct. 21- OU @ Kansas State
    • Oct. 28 – OU vs. Texas Tech
    • Nov. 4- OU @ OSU
    • Nov. 11- OU vs. TCU
    • Nov. 18 – OU @ Kansas
    • Nov. 25 – OU vs. West Virginia.

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